Latest News:RTI Add Equipment, Expand Capability, Enhance Efficiency

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Latest News

RTI establish new chamber ETS AMS 8500 Antenna
Measurement System, a turnkey solution for Over-The-Air (OTA) performance

2020               Add 1 auto-labeling machine and acquire 10 CNC work center

2019              Install thermal laser soldering robots,

                     Install intelligent CCD photograph inspection machines


2018              Add Passive-Intermodulation Analyzer (Kaelus SI-700L)


2017 March   Implement ETS Antenna Measurement System and Chamber (ETS AMS 8500)

to improve accuracy of antenna measurement and enhance production efficiency.


2016              Implement automation equipment to increase efficiency, decrease cost, and assure production quality.

                     Expand CNC Machines up to 20 Set

                     Add Automatic Dispensing Robots

RTI Add Equipment, Expand Capability, Enhance Efficiency